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Thai Festivals

The Thai calendar boasts a colourful array of festivals throughout the Year, which we embrace and celebrate at Ruan Orchid.  Below are just a selection:

Loy Krathong is one of the most popular festivals in Thailand. It takes place during the evening of the full moon in November when people visit rivers and streams to float their krathongs - leaf or flower-shaped cups that contains flowers, candles and incense. Wishes are made and they must come true if the candles remain burning until the krathongs float out of sight. Lovers also send their offerings and hope their krathongs remain close together as they float down the stream.

Songkran is the name given to the ‘Thai New Year festival’, which starts on April 13th and lasts for 3 days.

This is the most important event of the year for the Thai people and it's a time of ritual, celebration and fun in which water plays a very special part. Ceremonies and ritual involving water are traditional and visitors to Thailand at this time may have found themselves in the middle of street parties where everyone becomes drenched.
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